TURN is the answer for open living. This fireplace can be rotated round 360 degrees and can also be locked in position at set increments. The cosy view of the fire can now be enjoyed from every conceivable angle. This means that fireplace planning is no longer tied to the living room environment and offers the desired scope for change. In its form, the horizontally located fireplace communicates the lightness of the free-floating fire. The requirement for heat takes centre stage. TURN is always involved. The fireplace has been tested as a free-standing installation. For extra security, it is screwed down onto the floor through the holes pre-drilled in the base plate. Alternatively, an additional counterweight accommodated in the integrated storage element ensures that its own weight is balanced and stable. The combustion chamber door is right-opening, while the air supply is channelled through a practical regulator offering one-hand operation from below the combustion chamber. TURN manages without any grate or ash pan, thanks to its optimally regulated combustion process.

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